Iowa’s Business Leadership Lines Up to Support Comprehensive Medical Cannabis Bill

DES MOINES, Iowa (Feb. 29, 2016) – Iowans 4 Medical Cannabis is thankful for the support of 95 Iowa business leaders who signed the attached letter in support of HSB 2384, currently assigned to the Ways and Means Committee in the Iowa House of Representatives.

“My colleagues and I join the 76% of Iowans who believe that Medical Cannabis should be legally produced, distributed and possessed in Iowa,” said George Milligan, President of The Graham Group. “ We commend Representative Peter Cownie and the Commerce Committee for moving the bill past funnel and giving Iowa’s representatives a chance to debate and vote for a strong and comprehensive Medical Cannabis Program that includes as many conditions as possible to provide relief to as many Iowans as possible. ”

“We are grateful for the overwhelming support this legislation has received from Iowans all across our State,” said Steven Gaer representing Iowans 4 Medical Cannabis. “Now is the time for the adoption and implementation of a comprehensive medical cannabis program, as has been done in 23 other States, so Iowa can set up a strong and viable program to help stop the suffering of so many Iowans.”  

February 29, 2016

An Open Letter to Iowa Lawmakers:

As Iowa business leaders, we join the 76% of Iowans who believe that Medical Cannabis should be legally produced, distributed and possessed in Iowa.

We commend the bill’s authors and supporters for taking the best practices of 23 other states into consideration when forming this program. We believe it will create a safe, consistent-quality medicine and make that medicine accessible through controlled, legal channels, for Iowans with serious medical conditions.

Now is the time to help suffering Iowans and their families get legal access to this medicine and we hereby call on Iowa lawmakers to debate and pass Comprehensive Medical Cannabis legislation this session.


Kip Albertson                       Bob Lashier

Bill Bailey                             Robert Lewis    

B.J. Baker                             Chris Littlefield        

Britt Baker                            Dick Lozier

Mollie Baker                            Casey Mahon                

Frank Berlin                            Tom Mahoney

Tim Bianco                            Sean McMurray

Tom Boesen                            David Miles
John Bruntz                            Deb Milligan

Tom Carlstrom, M.D.             George Milligan

Joe Carter                            Matt Mouw

Roger Ceilley, M.D.                        Dave Mulcahy

Joe Ceryanec                            Jamie Myers

Joyce Chapman                        David Nelson

Rick Chapman                        Jerry Neugent

Steve Chapman                        Bill Niebur

Ray Cole                            Jim Noyce

Graham Cook                            Scott Packard

Grant Corell                            Austin Palmer

Jim Cownie                            Edward Pardini

Craig Damos                            Ron Pearson

Johnny Danos                            Bob Pulver

Kirke Dorweiler                        Mary Radia, M.D.

Wynn Elliott                            Suku Radia

Rex Eno                            Austin Rice, Jr.

Jack Evans                            Mike Richards

Nancy Evans                            Chris Risewick

David Fisher                            Dan Rupprecht        

Andy Flynn                            Mark Rupprecht    

Steve Gaer                            Allen Sabbag

Tom Gibson                            Kyle Skogman

Wayne Graham                        Dick Smith

Steve Gray                            David Stroh

Kevin Grimm                            Ted Stuart

Chuck Hartlieb                        Cameron Sutton

Jeff Hatfield                            Richard S. Swanson

Wade Hauser                            Jim Swift

Dan Houston                            Gretchen Tegeler

Jim Hubbell, III                        Bill Tiffany

Fred Hubbell                            Bill Van Orsdel

Mark Iles                            Dick Vohs

Jeff Johannesen                        Susan Vons    

Burton Joseph, III                        Connie Wimer

Dan Keough                            Alan Zuckert

Gary Kirke                            Steve Zumbach

Bill Knapp

Bill Knapp, II

Mike Knapp                                

Steve Lacy

Mark Larson